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The Book of John was probably one of the last books written of the New Testament, 90AD. It contains many instances of Jesus' life not seen in the other books and goes into great detail about the Holy Spirit and the last 3 weeks of Jesus' life before the crucifixion.

Charles Burke Outlines of John 1-6 . 7-12 . 13-21
J. W. McGarvey and
Philip Y. Pendleton
The Fourfold Gospel (Commentary of all the gospels. A book on-line)
J.W. McGarvey Class Notes on Sacred History
Volume III: The Four Gospels (book on-line)

Neil C. Prokop  The Woman Taken in Adultery  (Jn 8: 3-11)
Sin, Righteousness, Judgment  (Jn 16: 7-15)
Jesus Christ's Influence Over People I  (John)
Jesus Christ's Influence Over People II  (John)
Mark A. Copeland Textual sermon series based on John (13)
By This All Will Know (13:34)
That The World Will Know (17:20)
Thomas Winter
A Teacher Come From God...John 3:2
Why Did My Savior Come To Earth?...John 3:16-36
How Are Your Eyes?...John 9:1-12
If You Love Me...John 14:15
George Winter
The Lost Word...John 5:38
Search The Scriptures...John 5:39

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