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"Sin, Righteousness, & Judgement?"
John 16: 7-15


I.   What has happened to "sin, righteousness, & judgement?"              [8-11]

II.   The world neglects these because of their own self-interest.
       A.   For this reason it "stumbles!"                                   [1]
       B.   They don't want to be social outcasts.                            [2]
              1.   If this is the price to pay, then let's pay it Brethren!
              2.   God's word "cuts" our hearts ALWAYS!
       C.   They follow after such evil doctrines that they'll "murder."              [3]
              1.   Why?  Because they don't know the Savior!                            [3]
              2.   They didn't practice true rel. under the old law nor under the
                    new law which Jesus Christ is espousing--especially to the
                    remaining 11 apostles
       D.   But even the 11 apostles misunderstood the person/Deity before them.
              1.   JESUS CHRIST was going to take the sins of the WHOLE world.
                     a.   I get excited when I get a LONG term-paper done, & boy
                           do I love to celebrate after it has been completed!
                     b.   How much jubilation there should have been had they
                           understood the person/God before them.
              2.   But they sorrowed because they didn't fully                     [6]
                    comprehend the enormity of this man/God & his dedication & love
                    towards them & the world.

I.   JESUS CHRIST poured out the Comforter for us.                                      [7]

II.   Convict: "to convince with evidence which includes refutation,         [8]
       instruction & persuasion; to expose error, to reveal wrong-doing & to
       confute wrong-doers."

       The Greek word is "stronger" than the English "refute", because it carries with it the force of conviction to the extent of the realization of the matters taught, yet weaker than our word "convince" which means to bring to an admission of the evil & error of one's teaching and course.

       A.   HS will convict us to travel the world with JESUS CHRIST's gospel!
             [A 1: 7-8]

       B.   H Leo BOLES said that 15 different pol. area of the known  [A 2: 1-4]
              world were listed, & each one was understood & edified by what all
              these unique tongues were saying!

III.   They not only disbelieved JESUS CHRIST, they murdered Him!  [9; A 2: 22
       A.   But in God's eternal plan, it fit!                            [Rom 5: 6-12]
       B.   Why?  To reconcile us back to God!
              1.   God/creator, JESUS CHRIST/mediator, HS/revealer to
              2.   Father/formulator, Son/Executor, & Spirit/Revealer & preserver.

IV.   They finally saw what JESUS CHRIST was REALLY talking about.
        [10; A 2: 32]
       A.   They were all witnesses, including John the Baptist.          [Jn 5: 32]
       B.   What is the witness others have of me?  Am I like JESUS CHRIST?

V.   Have we been judged righteous?                     [11; Rom 6: 13, 16]
       A.   The Word will judge us, if we will obey & act upon it.
       B.   The prince of this world/Satan has already been judged.
              1.   Let's not fall into such condemnation, even before we've passed.
              2.   Let's live in obedience to JESUS CHRIST's will.

VI.   JESUS CHRIST had such little time, so that is why he left us parables.
        [12; Mk 4: 33]

VII.   We have been blessed with a helper into truth!       [13; 1 Cor. 13: 8-10]

VIII.   The truth will convict us in our hearts.                 [14; Jn 15: 26]

IX.   Father & Son are as 1.                               [15; Mt 11: 27]
       A.   Woe to the Jehovah's Witnesses
       B.   Woe to you & I if we don't heed His warnings
       C.   Woe to you & I if we don't enjoy the confidence of His Comforter!

I.   63 counties in MN are w/o a church of Christ
       A.   Hudson, NJ, has a pop. of 553,099 & not a single church of Christ!
       B.   Nothing miraculous about going into these missionary areas of the  USA
              to share the Word with these lost souls.
       C.   Teach them about Sin, Righteousness, & Judgement!

II.   The Holy Spirit doesn't offer us anything "miraculous" in the worldly sense.
       A.   God's providence in concert with the Holy Spirit are working today, but
              this is NOT a substitute for living out our short lives.
       B.   How will God know how faithful & obedient we were to sin
              or righteousness unless we are tested in the world?

III.   Are you a "fragrance" to the world?                            [2 Cor. 2: 14-17]
       A.   Make sure wherever we go, we give off a "good" scent.
       B.   Stinky 1st impressions die hard!

I.   I invite you to learn more of God's idea of "sin, righteousness, & judgment."

II.   Come today & study with one of our members & learn of these 3 Biblical
       concepts & how you can be "1" with fellow Christians.          [17: 20-23]

III.   It's possible, if you allow His Word to enter your heart.          [18: 3]

IV.   Be of good cheer!                                                        [16: 32-33]

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