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John 3:16-36 


1. Songs are often full of meaning. Some not so good  2. This one is a scriptural song, a spiritual song  3. Reasons for His coming to earth must be great enough to warrant such a great sacrifice I. HE CAME TO DO HIS FATHER'S WILL. John 6:38  1. "Not My will, but Thine be done." Lu. 22:42  2. "I have finished the work." John 17:4  3. "Must works the works of Him that sent Me." John 9:4 II. HE CAME UNTO HIS OWN. John 1:11  1. Made like unto His brethren. Heb. 2:17  2. Lord of Vineyard sent His Son. Mk. 12:1-8  3. His concern for Israel. Matt. 23:37 III. HE CAME TO FULFIL THE LAW. Matt. 5:17  1. End of law for righteousness. Rom. 10:4  2. Blotted it out. Col. 2:14  3. Made peace by abolishing law. Eph. 2:14,15 IV. HE CAME TO ESTABLISH A KINGDOM. John 18:37'  1. "To this end was I born." John 18:37  2. Not like kingdoms of world. John 18:36  3. Returned to Heaven as King. Psalms 24:7 V. ',HE CAME TO SAVE SINNERS. 1 Tim. 1:15  1. Not righteous, but sinners. Lu. 5:32  2. Save that which was lost. Lu. 19:10  3. Returned after giving terms of salvation. Mk. 16:16 Sermon Outline by Thomas Winter Butterfield 

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