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Jesus Christ's Influence Over People
Part One


I.   The apostle John's emphasis was on the deity of Jesus Christ.(Jones' Notes)

II.   One way in which He proved His deity was through the use of miracles

III.   Schaff calls this Gospel the "Most Important literary production ever
       composed!"                                                        (Halley's, p. 527)

IV.   The gospels contain circa 35 of Christ's many miracles during His earthly
              17 bodily cures
              9 miracles over forces of nature
              6 cures over demoniacs
              3 raised from the dead.

V.    John's gospel intended to supplement the synoptic gospels.
       A.   Many of the 40 parables, the Galilean ministry, many miracles, the
              nativity, and the institution of the Lord's Supper are not located in
              John's gospel.

VI.    The objectives of the last gospel were to cause belief in Jesus Christ, God
         made man, and to confirm the His Word.                 [John 20: 31].

VII.   Coffman calls it a "progressive narrative."(Coffman, p. 6)
       A.   The progression towards Lazarus [Chap 11] is obvious by the
              progressively greater and greater works that preceded it.
       B.   Neg. side: the raising of Lazarus is considered the "trigger"of His death.

BODY; How Jesus Christ Influenced People!

I.   How Jesus Christ's seven signs/miracles influenced the people.
       A.   Four of Christ's nine miracles over the forces of nature
              are in John's Gospel.
1/4.   Christ's first miracle (one of 8 miracles in John's gospel),
        turning water into wine, was the commencement of His work.  [2: 1-11]

       A.   1/9 miracles over the forces of nature through the 4 Gospels,
              4 of which  are in John's gospel.

       B.   It revealed His power over time.

       C.   It was "a speeding up process that required actual creative power."(H534)

       D.   Halley says that Christ's miracles to follow were done mostly to "relieve
             suffering", but His first miracle was done at a wedding feast in Cana to
             show His "ministering to human joy, making people happy, as if Jesus
             wanted to announce, right at the start, that the religion which he was
             now introducing into the world was no religion of asceticism, but a
             religion of natural joy."(H533)

       E.   Christ was placing His blessing on their marriage.  He was concerned
              for their welfare and happiness and acted upon His concern.
              1.   He wanted to influence them to a simple joy, especially in light
                    of the embarrassing turn of events at this most memorable occasion.

       F.   He (1) "manifested (revealed) His glory"--He has always been God and
             our Creator [1: 3, 14]--and (2) "His disciples believed in Him." [2: 11]
             Christ's life prior to the wedding must have

2/4.   Feeding the 5,000; 4th/7 great signs              [6: 5-14]
       A.   1/9 miracles over the forces of nature; 4 of which are in John's gospel

       B.   ONLY miracle told in all 4 gospels.
                                               [Mt 14: 13-33; Mk 6: 32-52; Lk 9: 10-17]

       C.   At the NE shore of the Sea of Galilee
              1.   A spot 2 mls SE of the Jordon's entrance fits the description.

       D.   At Passover; 1 yr bef C's death.                        [6: 4]
              1.   Multitudes are en route to JER.
              2.   Christ didn't go to this Passover, because last yr they plotted to kill
                    Him.                                                         [Jn 5: 1, 18]
              3.   Poss the 1st Passover He missed since going to JER since 12 yrs.
              4.   He celebrated it by perf 1 of the most marvelous miracles for these
                    masses en route to the Passover.

       E.   We must notice His love of order.
              1.   Sit down in co. of 50's or 100's.                 [Mk 6: 39-40]
              2.   Poss arranged around Him in a circle or semi-circle?

       F.   Not wasteful!
              1.   Left-overs gathered up.                        [6: 12-3]
              2.   Today we don't respect left-overs, no appreciation, ungrateful!

       G.   Passover masses were so impressed.
              1.   When will your Kingdom come?       [14-5; A 1: 6; Jn 18: 36< Pilate]
              2.   They wanted to make him a worldly king.

3/4.   Jesus Christ walking on the sea; 5th/7 great signs              [6: 15-19-21]
       A.   1/9 miracles over the forces of nature; 4 of which are in John's gospel.

       B.   In the 4th watch = after 03:00                            [Mk 6: 48]

       C.   Christ had spent most of the night alone on the mountain.        [Mk 6: 46

       D.   Disciples were rowing to Capernaum.                 [Jn 6: 17]
              1.   By way of Bethsaida.                        [Mk 6: 45]
              2.   Bethsaida was at the entrance of the Jordan to the Sea of Galilee
              3.   Capernaum was c.5 mls SW of the Jordan entrance.
              4.   They were hugging the shore because of the storm?
              5.   Christ appeared to them while they were 25-30 furlongs = 3 or 4 mls
                     out = ½ way down the sea.

       E.   Peter saw Jesus Christ walking on the water, he wanted to do it also!
              1.   Dear, lovable, impetuous Peter.
              2.   Peter began to sink.
              3.   JESUS CHRIST rebuked Peter for his lack of faith.
                     a.   In man's eye: Peter had the faith to at least try
                     b.   JESUS CHRIST's eye/perspective/understanding: not enough.
                     c.   Peter didn't understand all.
                            i.     He denied JESUS CHRIST 3 times.
                            ii.    Peter's attitude was grieved because his love     [21: 15-17
                                   wasn't the sacrificial/agape love that he should have had.
                            iii.   Do you/Peter love me more than the fishing bus.?
                            iv.   Like a friend asking for a confidential ear/help & then
                                   asking whether he/she is still friends with us?

       B.   Shows His power over His body to walk on the water and His power
                over the sea to quiet it.

4/4.   Christ's 8th/last miracle in Jn's Gospel; Second draught of fish [21:1-23]
       A.   1/9 miracles over forces of nature, 4 of which are in John's gospel
       B.   Finishes His miracles just as He started them.
              1.   Capernaum was his headquarters for His Galilean ministry.
                     a.   Demon-possessed man is cleansed in synagogue.
                     b.   Simon's m-i-l's fever departs.
                     c.   Demon-possessed & infirm were healed by JESUS CHRIST.

              2.   Fishermen > Fishers of men.                 [Lk 4: 43-5: 11]
                     a.   Symbolic hint of the redemptive movement among men?
                     b.   They were to initiate it.

CONCLUSION (Power over Nature!)

1/4       H2O to Wine      :           Power over time.

2/4       Feeding of the 5,000:       Power over sustenance of life; the bread of life!

3/4       Walking on sea/H2O:       Was their livelihood & w/o it no travel, nor food.
                                                  Egypt's worshiped the god of the Nile.

4/4       Bringing in the Fish.         We need to worry about seeking spiritual
                                                  matters & all will be given to us.

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