Sermon Outlines of Neil Prokop

Amos  The Rebuke of a Shepherd Sent by God!
Col 2: 20-3: 4 Dead & Raised in Christ!
Eph 2: 1-10  What We Were, Are, & Will Be
Eph 5: 1-14 Walking in Love & Light!
Habakkuk How Long Shall I Cry?
Hosea  The Hopeful Salvation of Israel
Jn 8: 3-11  The Woman Taken in Adultery
Jn 16: 7-15  Sin, Righteousness, Judgement
John  Jesus Christ's Influence Over People I
John  Jesus Christ's Influence Over People II
Joel True Repentance!
Jonah Giving Our Lives to God!
Malachi  Your Words Have Been Stout Against Me!
Micah When I Sit in Darkness, the Lord Shall be a Light Unto Me!
Nahum  God's Peace & Satan's Confussion!
Obadiah  God Sees All Including the Fence Sitters
Zechariah  Remember & Obey!
Zephaniah The Great Day of God is Coming!

All Sermons copyright 1998 by Neil C. Prokop, may be used for any non-commercial purpose.