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The Hopeful Salvation of Israel!

Thesis:                     The destruction of sin can be built upon by God.
Object:                    To motivate the audience to salvation despite evil past.
Song of Invitation:       #  644;  Whispering Hope


I.   Hosea, "Salvation", the son of Beeri, lived from 750-725 B.C.
       A.   This book is a message of hope for backsliders.

II.   This book is about the past and how it relates to us today.

III.   Jesus Christ is seen as the divine lover who yearns for the unfaithful bride's
        return and the Son called out of Egypt.

IV.   God is a faithful husband and a house for the lowest price.


I.   Gomer, the daughter of Diblaim, the prodigal/wasteful  wife.   [1: 1 - 3: 5]
       A.   Her/Israel's unfaithfulness is described.                 [1: 1-11]
              1.   She may have been born into harlotry?              [1: 2]
              2.   It was no fault of her own.
              3.   Israel had forgotten God.                        [2: 13]
              4.   Israel had forsaken God for the Baals.

       B.   Her Punishment [2: 1-13]
              1.   God will take the sustenance of life from them.   [2: 9]
              2.   They made their own bed, now they have to sleep in it!

       C.   Her restoration & Israel's [2: 14-23]
              1.   God will "take from their mouths the names of the Baals."     [2: 17]
              2.   "I will betroth you to Me forever."         [2: 19]

       D.   Her redemption [3: 1-5]

II.   Prodigal People [4: 1 - 14: 9]
       A.   The message of judgment. [4: 1- 10: 15]
              1.   The incitement [4: 1-19]
                     i.   "There is no truth or mercy or         [4: 1]
                            knowledge of God in the land."
                     ii.   Without God's word it is impossible to know the truth
                            so that one may know God and know God's mercy.

              2.   The verdict [5: 1-15]
                     i.   Israel is prideful.                   [5: 5]
                     ii.   Pride is a lust that gets in the way of serving God.

              3.   The plea of Israel [6: 1-3]
                     i.   Israel is hopeful that God will "revive" them.         [6:2]
                     ii.        Israel wants God to raise them up.

              4.   The reply of the Lord. [6: 4-11]
                     i.   God is frustrates with Israel.                 [6: 4]
                     ii.   Much like we are with one another at times!
                     iii.   God tried to shape them with the prophets.   [6: 5]
                     iv.   God wants mercy and knowledge.          [6: 6]

              5.   The crimes of Israel [7: 1-16]
                     i.   Israel had committed fraud.                 [7: 1]
                     ii.   They were adulterers.                        [7: 4]
                     iii.   Silly "dove"; immature political decisions.          [7: 11]
                     iv.   "They rebel against Me."                     [7: 14]

              6.   The prophesy of judgement [8: 1 - 10: 15]
                     i.   "The enemy will pursue" Israel.          [8: 3]
                     ii.   They will be taken captive by Egypt.          [8: 13; 9: 6]
                     iii.   They will be "wanderers among the nations."              [9: 17]
                     iv.   They shall be destroyed.                 [10: 8]

       B.   The message of restoration. [11: 1-14: 9]
              1.   God's love for the prodigal people. [11: 1-11]
                     i.   God will chastise so that love will reign.   [11: 8]
                     ii.   "My heart churns within Me; My sympathy is stirred."
                            a.   As a mother is to a child; God is to us.
                            b.   How ever forgiving and compassionate are we?
              2.   God's chastisement of the prodigal people. [11: 12- 13: 16]
                     i.   Israel feeds on the wind.                 [12: 1]
                     ii.   God wants us to feed on Him!
              3.   God's restoration of the prodigal people. [14: 1-9]
                     i.   God is healing, unconditionally loving, and kind.   [14: 4]

I.   How unconditionally loving am I?

II.   We can all learn a lesson from God's understanding of our backsliding into sin.

III.   We are the bride of Christ, so let us act faithfully and bring more under His

I.  A disciple of Jesus Christ's is:
       A.  A faithful servant unto death.                               [Rev 2: 10]
              1.  Just as Jesus Christ is faithful,
              2.  but not before I have proven my obedience through baptism.

       B.  Baptized for my sins.                                [Mk 16: 15-6, Acts 10: 47-8]
              1.  Just as Jesus Christ was baptized as an example to me,
              2.  but not before I have confessed who my Lord is.

       C.  Confessing Jesus Christ as Lord.                     [Mt 10: 32, Rom 10: 8-13]
              1.  Just as Jesus Christ confessed His Father as perfect,
              2.  but not before I have repented of past sins.

       D.  Repenting of past sins.                                      [Acts 17: 30]
              1.  Just as Jesus Christ taught the woman at the well to sin no more,
              2.  but not before I have believed in God and His Word.

       E  Believing in God and His Word.                            [Jn 8: 24, Acts 16: 31]
              1.  Jesus Christ said that if we had the faith of a mustard seed  [Lk 17: 6]
              2.  but not before I have become a student of God's Word.

       F.  Hearing/studying His Word                                   [Jn 6: 44-5; 8: 32]
              1.  We need to study to be approved,                            [2 Tim 3: 15-7]
              2.  because nothing else matter!

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