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What We Were, Are, and Will Be
Ephesians 2: 1-10



I.   The philosophies of men never have answers for life.

II.   God created us & knows what we are & what we could be.

III.   Let us take a look at our humanity: what we were, are, & could be.

IV.   The theme of Chapter 2 continues to be the glorious blessings of the saved
        "in Christ" in contrast with their "lost" condition.


I.   What we were!                                                        [2: 1-3]
       A.   We were "dead in trespasses & sins"                                   [1]
              1.   Our hearts were "darkened"/without "understanding"        [4: 18]
                     a.   Why?  Because of ignorance.
                     b.   Which causes?  "hardening of their hearts"
              2.   Thus, we are alienated from the life of God.

       B.   We walked according to the world's standards & NOT God's!       [2]
              1.   We followed the "lusts of our flesh"                            [3]
                     a.   At the time it feels good.
                     b.   T problem is that instant gratification is short-lived.
                     c.   Psychologists tell us that intell/resp parents' attitudes
                           are ones that foster "delayed gratification/reward"
              2.   But, we choose to foll the "desires of the mind"              [3]
              3.   This evil molded our nature into "children of wrath."
              4.   "just as the others" denotes that the majority were living so.
              5.   Watch!  "But she who lives in pleasure is dead while she lives"
                                                                             [1 Tim 5: 6]

       C.   We were controlled by Satan himself.                               [2]
              1.   A spirit who "works in the sons of disobedience"              [2]
              2.   "Powers of the air" = "power of darkness"     [Lk 22: 53; Col 1 13]
              3.   Satan is as a "lion" seeking to devour his prey!       [1 Pet 5: 8]
                    "Be sober, be vigilant; because  your adversary the devil walks about
                      like a roaring lion, seeking whom (Christians!) he may devour."
              4.   Satan is an evil force who works against us              [6: 12]
                     a.   Satan's evil power is what we "wrestle" against.
                     b.   Hollywood is one of the greatest evils.
                     c.   Flesh & blood are temporal, but our souls are eternal.
                            i.   We choose; either Satan or Christ?
                            ii.   We choose; either hell or heaven?
                            iii.   We choose; either eternal pain or eternal joy/bliss?

II.   What we (Jews & Gentiles) are!                                   [2: 4-6]
       A.   We are alive thanks to Jesus Christ.                 [2: 1; Col 2: 13]
              1.   By grace we have been saved!                     [2: 5]
              2.   By His wonderful "mercy" we are confident He loves us.

       B.   Even while we were "dead in trespasses" He gave us life.   [2: 5]
              1.   Jesus Christ's physical sacrifice took the place       [3: 16]
                     of the animal sacrifices under the OT's Levitical priesthood.
                     a.   NOW, we have all spiritual blessings.
                     b.   NOW, we have the ultimate example for ourselves!
              2.   He demonstrated His love for us in action.   [Rom 5: 6-8]
                     a.   He gives us true spiritual strength.
                     b.   We can now "sit together in the heavenly places       [6]
                            in Christ Jesus!
                     c.    We have spirital blessings!              [Eph 1: 3]
                     d.   Practical/useful blessings!        [2 Cor 1: 3-7]

       C.   "He made alive, who were dead in trespasses & sins."              [2: 1]

III.   What we shall be!                                                 [2: 7-10]

       A.   We shall see "the exceeding riches of His grace.          [7]
              1.   "His kindness" = unmerited gift at work              [7]
              2.   The benefits/blessings of being in His kingdom.   [Gal 5: 22]

       B.   We shall be "saved!"                                   [8]
              1.   Takes an active obedient faith!
                     a.   Jesus Christ was obedient until death
                            for the benefit of our souls.                 [Tit 3:4]
                           b.   NOW, we can enjoy eternity with Him!
              2.   Takes a working atttitude throughout our short lives.   [10]

I.   What we were is not important.
       A.   We had nothing to battle Satan with, but now we do.      [Rom 6: 3-14]
       B.   We could not have enjoyed eternal joy in heaven.

II.   What we are!
       A.   We are God's workmanship                                   [10]
       B.   We are workman for God, who have a humble faith.   [9]
       C.   Be careful though!                                                 [Rev 3: 1-7]

III.   What we will be!
       A.   "Saved" in Christ is all that counts.
       B.   Continual good works is part of our obedient faith.   [10]


I.   Do not get stuck in your own "old ways", but in "God's old ways!"

II.   Come & enjoy the richness of God's blessings & hope of eternal life in
       Jesus Christ!

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