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What about Baptism?



A Greek word that was made into an English word NOT translated into English (i.e. transliterated).  The original word means immersion or dipping.  A very common word even more so than our English word immersion.  But in The Word of God it means so much more.  SEE below.

Jeffrey W. Hamilton
Question about Baptism with Bible Answers

Jeffrey W. Hamilton
All in a Name
Being Made New

Being Made New

By One Spirit

By One Spirit

Clothed with Christ

Despising the Blood of Christ

How Noah was Saved

How Salvation Comes to Man

Infant Baptism

Is My Baptism Valid?

Letting Go of Sin

The Baptism of Cornelius

The Conversion of Saul

The Unity

The Work of Baptism

Trials of Life

When Was Cornelius Saved?

Why Water?

Why Water?

Why Were They Baptized so Soon?

You Must be Born Again
Mark A. Copeland

Five Views of Mark 16:16
Ryan W. Kepke Acts 2:38 Repentence & Baptism**
Thomas Winter
The Truth About Baptism
Baptism, Then What?
David B. Brown


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Edd Sterchi The Truth About Baptism
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Brian Yeager Denominational Baptism - Is it Valid?**
  All Verses in the Bible on Baptism, baptise, etc.  KJV . ASV . MLV . translations.
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G. Allen Walker Combined Greek Lexicon  Baptism

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