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What About Fornication?

Fornication is all sex outside of a marriage bond and any form of sex. Lust is not sex. Lust has its own bible references. Adultery and fornication are the same when speaking of married individuals. 

Douglas R. Young Fornication **

Abstinence Is Reasonable **
Dealing with the Effects of Pre-Marital Sex **

Dreaded Words: "Mom, Dad, I'm Pregnant" **

Flee Fornication **

I Will Take Sickness Away from the Midst of You **

Is It Acceptable to Live Together Before Marriage? **

Living Together Before Marriage **

Marriage's Glue **

Vessels Unto Honor and Vessels Unto Dishonor **

Waiting for the Proper Time **

What If ... ? **

What Keeps a Man Sexually Pure? **

Why Sex Outside of Marriage is Wrong **

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