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What About Conversions to Christ?

To turn to God.  The Plan of Salvation tells us how to be converted to Christ and added to His Church. Conversions in the Bible are the simply the examples of  "How to be Saved."

Grady Scott Conversion of Lydia
Marvin L. Weir The Conversion of Apostle Paul**
James Jones Conversion of Lydia
Mark A. Copeland The 3000 On Pentecost (2:1-41)
The 2000 At Solomon's Porch (3:1-4:4)
The Samaritans (8:4-25)
The Ethiopian Eunuch (8:26-40)
Saul Of Tarsus (9:1-19; 22:6-16; 26:12-18)
Cornelius And His Household (10:1-48; 11:1-18)
Two Households At Philippi (16:6-34)
The Athenians (17:16-34)
The Corinthians (18:1-11)
The Twelve Disciples Of John (19:1-10)
The Conversion Of Saul (topical study)
John L. Kachelman, Jr.
The Philippian Christians:  LESSONS FROM THE PHILIPPIAN JAILOR  Acts 16:16-34
The Philippian Christians:  LYDIA, THE FIRST FRUITS OF EUROPE  Acts 16:11-15
Brian Yeager
Conversion Example of the Bible Parts  One  Two  Three
Bryan R. Braswell Conversion of Samaria**
Mickey Hukill Conversion of Cornelius**
Brannon Hyde Conversion of the Corinthians**
Douglas R. Young Conversion of The Eunuch**
Jon O'Keefe Conversion of the Jailor**
Thomas Winter
Saul And His Conversion

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