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Heb. 10:9


1. Examination of text  2. First covenant fulfilled. Matt. 5:17, 18  3. Jesus nailed law to cross. Col. 2:14 I. WHY DID HE TAKE AWAY THE LAW?  1. That He might establish a second  2. Because it had been fulfilled  3. Because it was in the way. Col. 2:14  4. Because it was weak. Heb. 7:18  5. Because it was unprofitable. Heb. 7:18  6. Because it was imperfect. Heb. 8:7, 8  7. Because it was for the Jews only  8. Because it was a yoke of bondage. Ac. 15:10; Ga. 5:1  9. Because it couldn't give life. Gal. 3:21 II. WE ARE NOT UNDER THE LAW  1. We are under "grace." John 1:17; Rom. 3:24  2. Not under the schoolmaster. Gal. 3:24, 25  3. Law of Christ will not be taken away. I Pet. 1:23 Sermon Outline by George William Butterfield 

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