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Psalms 51:3 

Introduction: David's wretched sin. Had sent Uriah to front line of battle to die. Had already committed adultery with Bathsheba. 2 Sam. 11:14-17. Remorse filled the King's heart but his sin was still there! 

So it is with us. We sin knowing we shall be condemned, then spend a lifetime wishing we had not been so foolish. Sin is sin, even when committed by a King 


1. Cannot shift responsibility. Rom. 14:12  2. Drawn away of our own lust. James 1:13  3. Men reluctant to say, "I have sinned." II. SIN IS A POSITIVE THING. "IS"  1. Some would minimize sin  2. Nathan said, "Thou art the man!"  3. God hates sin. Paid awful price to redeem us III. SIN IS A PERPETUAL THING. "EVER"  1. David's conscience was never clear  2. Sin remains until removed. Hb. 10:4;1 Pet. 1:18,19  3. He was a King, but his sin remained  4. We cannot outgrow our sins; they must be removed IV. SIN IS AN EVER PRESENT THING. "BEFORE"  1. He thought of it constantly  2. Remorse is a death dealing. blow. Judas, Mt. 27:3  3. His seed suffered because of it. 2 Sam. 12:10  4. Afflicted children often remind parents of their evil conduct V. SIN IS A POSSESSING THING. "ME"  1. Had really overcome David to see Bathsheba  2. Often warps our better judgement, possesses us  3. Should not have "dominion" over us. Rom. 6:14 Sermon by Thomas Winter Butterfield 

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