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1. Such a doctrine paves way for unscriptural practices  2. If true, Christianity is not based upon facts, but upon opinions 1. FEW EXAMPLES TO THE CONTRARY  1. Isaac believed Jacob was Esau. Gen. 27:23  2. Jacob believed Joseph was dead. Gen. 37:33  3. Uzzah believed he could help. 2 Sam. 6:6, 7  4. Paul believed he should persecute the church. Acts 26:9 II. A FEW POPULAR NOTIONS  1. One church as good as another. Matt. 16:18  2. Bible is a "dead letter." I Pet. 1:23; John 20:31  3. Virgin Mary is also an Intercessor. 1 Tim. 2:5  4. Mourner's bench system is scriptural. John 9:31  5. Sprinkling is baptism. Rom. 6:4; Eph. 4:5  6. Instrumental music is acceptable. Col. 3:16  7. One, doctrine as good as another. I Tim. 4:16  8. We shall have a second chance. Heb. 9:27 III. A FEW SAD RESULTS  1. Catholicism and Denominationalism thrive  2. Religion has lost its significance to many  3. Souls are being lost  4. God is being dishonored IV. CONCLUSION  1. A thing is not right because we believe it to be  2. We should believe it only if it is right  3. Many devices in a man's heart. Prov. 19:21 T. W. B.

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