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Jer. 6:16


1. Condition of ancient Israel in day of Jeremiah  2. Prophet's plea for return to "old paths." Text  3. Israel's reply, "We will not walk therein."  4. Religious world in state of confusion today  5. Church of Christ preachers plead for return to "old paths."  6. Religious world says, "We will not walk therein." I. THERE IS A GOOD WAY AND ALL SHOULD WALK IN IT  1. It is God's way. Psalms 18:30; Isa. 55:9  2. It is a perfect way. Psalms 18:30  3. It is a narrow way. Matt. 7:14  4. It is the way of truth. 2 Pet. 2:2  5. It is the unpopular way. 2 Pet. 2:2 II. WE MUST PLEAD FOR THE OLD PATHS  1. The old way. 2 Pet. 2:2  2. The old gospel. Rom. 1:16; Gal. 1:6-9  3. The old church. Acts 2:47, 20:28  4. The old name. Acts 11:26; Pet. 4-.16  5. The old worship. John 4:24; Acts 2:42  6. The old faith. Jude 3; Heb. 12:1, 2 Sermon Outline by George William Butterfield 

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