Bible Studies
in the Christian Library
Matt. 25:10 


1. Parable of the ten virgins  2. Five disappointed virgins because the door was shut  3. Some folks are always late  4. Some are never prepared  5. No man can open the door the Lord shuts. Rev. 3:7  6. Many will knock when the door is shut. Lu. 13:25 I. WHEN THE DOOR IS SHUT:  1. The period of man's probation will be over  2. It shall never be re-opened. No second chance!  3. No prayer of priest or preacher can change the condition of those on the outside  4. We must be on the inside or remain outside forever II. WHO SHALL BE ON THE INSIDE?  1. Not all that are baptized  2. Not all that wear the name of Christ  3. Only the faithful in Christ. Rev. 22:14 III. WHO SHALL ]BE ON THE OUTSIDE?  1. The wicked. Rev. 22:15  2. The unprepared. Matt. 25:10  3. The unfaithful member of the church IV. WHEN SHALL THE DOOR BE SHUT?  1. When Jesus comes. 2 Thess. 1:6-10 Sermon Outline by George William Butterfield 

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