Bible Studies
in the Christian Library
Matt. 16:18 


1. No need to build if no need for building  2. Some believe they can be saved without it II. MUST HAVE SOMETHING TO PLACE IN IT  1. Salvation is in it. Isa. 46:13; Acts 4:11-13 III. MUST HAVE A LOCATION  1. Jerusalem. Isa. 2:2, 3; Acts 2nd chapter IV. TIME OF ERECTION  1. Pentecost. Acts. 2nd chapter V. COST OF BUILDING  1. Blood of Christ. Acts 20:28 VI. BUILDER  1. Christ. Matt. 16:18  2. No other could build it. Psalms 127:1 VII. WORKMEN NECESSARY  1. Master builders. I Cor. 3:9-11  2. Warned to follow blue-print VIII. MATERIAL  1. Lively stones. I Pet. 2:5  2. People prepared for Lord. Lu. 3:4  3. Much material to work on. Acts 2:5 IX. SCAFFOLDING ON WHICH TO WORK  1. Miracles. Later torn down. I Cor. 13:8 X. ORNAMENTATION  1. Lives of Christians. Titus 2:1-9  2. Some are pillars XI. CHURCH IS A GLORIOUS HOUSE. Eph. 5:27 

Sermon Outline by George William Butterfield 

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