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                      "THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM"

                      The Blessings Of The Kingdom


1. In our study thus far of the kingdom of God, we have observed that...
   a. The proclamation of the kingdom was a major theme in the teaching
      of Christ and His apostles
   b. The nature of the kingdom is spiritual, not physical, involving
      the reign of God in Christ
   c. The establishment of the kingdom was inaugurated at Jesus' first
      coming, and will be culminated with His second coming

2. I wish to note in particular the phrase, "the gospel of the
   a. As recorded in Matthew's gospel - Mt 4:23; 9:35; 24:14
   b. As recorded in Mark's gospel - Mk 1:14-15
   -- The word "gospel" means "good news", or glad tidings - cf. Lk 8:1

3. What was the good news or glad tidings regarding the kingdom...?
   a. Certainly that it was "at hand" - Mk 1:15
   b. But what made its impending arrival such good news?

[The answer can be found in the blessings of the kingdom, to be enjoyed
by those who freely submit to the rule and reign of God in Christ Jesus. 
What sort of blessings?  There are...]


      1. Those in the kingdom enjoy redemption through the blood of
         Jesus - Co 1:13-14
      2. Indeed, the ruler over the kings of the earth has washed us in
         His own blood - Re 1:5

   B. GOD'S CARE...
      1. No need for anxiety over the necessities of life - cf. Mt
      2. Provided we make God's kingdom and His righteousness first
         priority - Mt 6:33
      3. Submit to God's rule, and benefit from God's care! - cf. Psa
         34:9-10; 84:11

      1. We receive "manifold" more family - cf. Lk 18:29-30
      2. A "hundred fold" mothers, brothers, sisters, children - cf. Mk
      3. Realized as members of Christ's body, the church, God's family
         - cf. 1 Ti 3:15; 5:1-2

      1. Promised to those who believe and obey - cf. Jn 7:37-39; Ac 2:
         38-39; 5:32
      2. A source of righteousness, joy and peace in the kingdom - cf.
         Ro 14:17; 15:13
      3. Serving as God's instrumental agent to strengthen us, that we
         might produce the fruit of a truly blessed life - cf. Ep 3:16;
         Ga 5:22-23; Ro 8:12-13

[In the kingdom of God present, these are just a few of the blessings
available to those who submit to the reign of God in the person of Jesus
Christ.  But just as there is a future aspect to the kingdom of God, so
there are...]


      1. Promised to those who do the Father's will - Mt 7:21-23
         a. Not just those who profess the Lord
         b. Not even those who do much for the Lord, yet without
      2. Provided for those who abound in the knowledge of Jesus Christ
         - 2 Pe 1:8-11
         a. Not barren nor unfruitful
         b. Not slothful nor forgetful

      1. Prepared for those who seek it - He 11:11,13-16; 13:14
         a. Like Abraham and other Old Testament faithfuls
         b. Like Paul and other New Testament saints
      2. Presented as a bride adorned for her husband - Re 21:1-3,9-21
         a. A holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven
         b. A glorious walled city, with gates of pearl and streets of

      1. With no need for a temple, or sun and moon for a light - Re 21:
         a. The Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are its temple
         b. The glory of God illuminates, and the Lamb is its light
      2. With no more curse and no more night - Re 22:3-5
         a. The throne of God and of the Lamb will be there
         b. The Lord God gives them light
      3. His servants will serve and reign forever and ever - Re 22:3-5
         a. They shall see His face
         b. His name shall be on their foreheads

      1. Preventing any reason for sorrow - Re 21:4
         a. With God wiping away every tear
         b. With former things having passed away
      2. Providing our every need - Re 22:1-2
         a. With the river of the water of life, proceeding from the
         b. With the tree of life, bearing fruit every month with
            healing for the nations


1. We have surveyed just a few of the blessings in the kingdom of God...
   a. Blessings in the present
      1) God's forgiveness
      2) God's care
      3) God's family
      4) God's Spirit
   b. Blessings in the future
      1) God's eternal kingdom
      2) God's eternal city
      3) God's eternal presence
      4) God's eternal care
   -- Truly the news about the kingdom is "good news" (gospel)!

2. To benefit from these blessings both present and future...
   a. We must be in the kingdom present
   b. We must make our calling and election sure to be in the kingdom
   -- What is involved we will note in future studies on the kingdom

But the main thing is that we submit to the rule and reign of God in the
person of Jesus Christ.  Remember what Jesus said:

   "Not everyone who says to Me, 'Lord, Lord,' shall enter the kingdom
   of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven."
                                                             (Mt 7:21)

He said on another occasion:

   "But why do you call Me 'Lord, Lord,' and do not do the things which
   I say?"
                                                             (Lk 6:46)

Are we willing to let Jesus be the Lord and King of our lives?  Then
obey Him! (cf. He 5:9)
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