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Adult Bible Class
A study of miscellaneous rulers in the Old Testament Scriptures. This study examines the historical context of the ruler, his character, his impact regarding faith in God, and practical lessons on how the ruler helps Christians to develop greater dedication and reverence for the Almighty God.
Lesson Titles
  • ASA The Failure Of Compromise (2 Chron 14-16)
  • PHARAOH Burning Bridges OR Burning Bushes (Ex 5,6)
  • REHOBOAM The Reckless Phony (1 Ki 11-14)
  • DAVID & AHAB Inescapable Judgment Of God (1 Ki 21:20)
  • JOSIAH Serving God In Youth (2 Ki 22:1,2)
  • JEHOSHAPHAT Restricted Fellowship Blessed (1 Ki 22:49)
  • HEZEKIAH Portrait Of A Good Man (2 Ki 18ff)
  • UZZIAH From Royalty To Leprosy (2 Chron 26)
  • AHAZ   A Royal Progression Into Wrong!  (2 Chron 28)
  • SENNACHERIB The Defeat Of One Opposed To God (2 Chron 32)
  • ZEDEKIAH The King With Neck Problems (2 Chron 36:13)
  • NEBUCHADNEZZAR The Perishable And The Permanent (Da 4:28ff)
  • BELSHAZZAR National Morality Meltdown (Da 5)


    Class Notes Developed By:
    John L. Kachelman, Jr.
    January-March 1999

    Copyright 1999 by John L. Kachelman, Jr. may be reproducted for non-commercial purposes at no cost to others.

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