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"Who Is God?" Making God In OUR Image

Introductory Remarks

John L. Kachelman, Jr.

We live in a hostile environment where culture challenges the very foundation of our belief systems. One of the clearest illustrations of this is the way in which modern culture has attempted to re-define "God." The biblical "fear" for the Almighty Jehovah of the Holy Bible has been replaced with a watered-down Deity of "manageable" proportions who is viewed as a kind "grand fatherly" Sovereign who immediately grants every wish or an omnipotent "lucky charm" able to protect us with unfailing success.

This prevailing attitude is addressed in this sermon series. The lessons take a long, hard look at how modern culture has re-defined God. A more troubling observation in these lessons is the way that Believers have allowed this cultural re-definition to infect their faith, worship, and service to the Almighty God. The chaotic idolatry at the foot of Mt. Sinai is seen once again in our modern society. Let us open the Scriptures, examine the Almighty God revealed within, recognize the idolatry of re-designing God, and repent while there is yet time!

This lesson series has pulled together many resource works that are cited in the notes. There is one work that helped spur this series into my preaching schedule more than any other. It was while reading the book The Trivialization Of God, by that this series was conceived. Consequently I will refer to this work often to illustrate various points.

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