“Hold Fast Our Confidence!”
Hebrews 3:14

Class Objective: To lead students to the understanding of why we must be steadfast in basic doctrines of Christianity so they can be confident in beliefs saying “I KNOW that this is what God expects!”

Class Outline: The class will be conducted in simultaneous adult classes for one quarter. The teachers will use the same outlines and cover the same material at each session. Additional resources will be made available to class members in the form of: taped presentations; reproduced articles from publications; available books for purchase.

Class Topics: 
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7  7b  7c  7d Part 8 Part 9

1. “How can I study so confidence is possible?”
This introductory session will provide the principles for Bible study that will be used throughout this series.
2. “Why is it difficult to be confident in religious beliefs?”
This session will explain the prevailing attitudes in our culture that hinder a bold, confident expression of faith.
3. “Confidence In AUTHORITY
This class explores why an absolute standard is required in religious matters and explains why the Holy Scriptures are the ONLY qualifying authority.
4. “Confidence In GOD
A discussion of the biblical God showing that God expects His followers to demonstrate confidence. Class discussion will reveal that God will punish for violations of His expressed will. 
5. “Confidence In MORALITY
This session discusses topics that are universally recognized as right or wrong. It sets the procedure for identifying some things “right” and other things “wrong.”
6. “Confidence In SALVATION
These sessions will reveal why one must obey God’s expressed commands or be lost. Specific areas to address: There are some religious believers who are lost -- sincerity IS NOT sufficient; Baptism must be FOR the forgiveness of sins; Grace has always been the means of God’s salvation; the Holy Spirit DOES NOT DIRECTLY lead man.
7. “Confidence In WORSHIP” 
These lessons will focus on specifics that are questioned in our worship to God. Such will include: the assault on worship; special music (choirs; solos); mechanical, instrumental music in worship; lifting up hands; hand clapping; female leaders in worship; the Lord’s Supper (the day of observance; alcoholic grape juice); drama; etc.
8.  “Culture’s Challenge To Biblical Womanhood
9.  "The Tragedy Of The Cultural Change Paradigm"

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