A Sin Leading to Death


I.          I John 5:16-17

             A.         Some sins lead to death, but others do not

             B.         We should pray for those who sin which does not lead to death.

             C.         We are not to pray for those whose sin leads to death

II.         How do we tell which sin leads to death?

             A.         Which kind of death?

                          1.          Physical

                                       a.          Sins that lead to physical death: suicide, drunk driving, etc.

                                       b.          This does seem adequate

                          2.          Romans 6:20-23 - The wages of sin is death

                                       a.          This refers to spiritual death

                                       b.          Death is contrasted to eternal life

                                       c.          John too must be referring to spiritual death

             B.         What sins do not lead to death?

                          1.          Those repented of - Gal. 6:1

                          2.          Those we confess before God - I John 1:8-2:2

                          3.          James 5:15 - Pray for forgiveness

                          4.          Heb 8:10-12 - God will forgive us of our sins

             C.         What sins then lead to death?

                          1.          Willful sins, where the person no longer cares - Heb. 10:26-31

                          2.          Example of Israel

                                       a.          Their defiance of God brought exile and death - Num. 15:30-31

                                       b.          Korah’s rebellion was punished with death. There was no saving them - Num. 16:26-35

                          3.          When a person turns their back on the only source of salvation - Heb. 6:4-6

                          4.          The leaving is worse than never finding - II Pet. 2:20-22

                          5.          Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is an example

                                       a.          Luke 12:10

                                       b.          Mt. 12:31-32

                                       c.          Mk 3:28-30

                                       d.          It is the Holy Spirit through whom the word of God is presented to mankind. If we reject His work and the proof of His work, what hope is there for us?

III.        We should intercede for those in sin

             A.         James 5:15 - Pray for forgiveness

             B.         Job 42:7-9 - Job had to pray for his friends before God would forgive them

             C.         Gen 20:7 - Abraham intercedes for Abimelech

             D.         Ps. 106:23 - Moses prevented the destruction of Israel by interceding

             E.         Hezekiah’s intercession for those who did not worship properly - II Chron. 30:18-20

             F.         Amos’s intercession - Amos 7:1-3

             G.         Later, God wanted someone to intercede, but no one was found - Ezek. 22:29-30

IV.       But sometimes a person’s sins are so firm that God will not listen to intercession

             A.         Jer. 7:16 - Do not pray for Israel, for God will not listen

             B.         Jer. 11:14 - Do not pray for Israel. God will not listen to their distress.

             C.         Jer. 15:1-2 - The only place they would go is death. Intercession would not be taken

             D.         What made these Israelites different from those in Moses’ day? They remained in stubborn rebellion. They had given up on God. There was no hope for them.

V.         Because you are here, I assume there is hope

             A.         You cannot delay accepting God’s call forever

             B.         We would love to have you, not as you are, but as a full brother


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