Hate the Sin, But Not the Sinner?

Text: II Peter 3


I.         It is common to face criticism when a strong stand is taken

            A.        I notice that in the papers, that the Methodists and Episcopals are in a quandary.

                        1.         The majority want strong stands against homosexuality, but a large element object

                        2.         Objects is that if you take a strong stand, you will drive people away.

            B.        The attitude is that God loves everyone, so we should accept everyone.

            C.        When someone is sinning, we are told to hate the sin, but to love the sinner

                        1.         Yet, can you separate the person from the actions he chooses to participate in?

II.        The nature of God

            A.        God is good, patient, and longsuffering - Romans 2:4

            B.        But His goodness is also matched with severity - Romans 11:22

            C.        God is wrathful - John 3:36; Romans 1:18; Ephesians 5:6

III.       We must face the fact that God hates sin

            A.        A list of seven things God finds abominable - Proverbs 6:16-19

            B.        The worship of idols - Jeremiah 44:3-4

            C.        The hypocrisy of evil being offered for good purposes - Isaiah 61:8

                        1.         God hates the worship offered by the wicked - Isaiah 1:14-15

                        2.         Similar - Amos 5:21-23

            D.        Plotting evil and dishonest promises - Zechariah 8:17

            E.        Divorce - Malachi 2:16

            F.        The deeds of the Nicolaitans - Revelation 2:6

            G.        In summary, Jesus hates sin - Hebrews 1:9

IV.      But what about the people who commit sin, doesn’t God love them?

            A.        God hates the workers of iniquity, the bloodthirsty, and the liar - Psalm 5:5-6

            B.        God hates the wicked and the violent - Psalm 11:5-7

            C.        Too often we separate the person from his deeds. We don’t like blame to be assigned to anyone, especially to ourselves.

            D.        Recall that God sends delusions to sinners - II Thessalonians 2:10-12

                        1.         Why?

                        2.         They have no love for the truth

            E.        God can lose his love for people who love sin more than God - Hosea 9:13-17

                        1.         God can hate someone to the point of loving them no more

                        2.         The cause was their willful disobedience

V.        God loved the world caught up in the snare of sin - John 3:16

            A.        Christ died for us while we were sinners - Romans 5:6-8

            B.        Jesus showed a willingness to forgive those nailing him to the cross - Luke 23:34

            C.        Yet, God’s love is not unconditional. When God’s love is spurned, when sin is willfully embraced, then there is nothing left but wrath - Hebrews 10:26-31

            D.        God wants you to repent, but there will be a limit - II Peter 3:9-18

            E.        What choice are you making? Will you accept God’s mercy or will you spurn Him how gave so much and thus earn His great wrath?


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