by David B. Brown

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Preface to Seven Myths of Denominationalism

Myth 1: The Bible is Too Complicated to Understand
1.1 Why Believe or Teach This?
1.2 What the Bible Says
1.3 Supporting Evidence
1.4 Bible Complexity
1.5 You Can Prove Anything with the Bible
1.6 Why People Do Not Understand
1.7 Conclusion

Myth 2: The Old Testament is Just as Binding as the New Testament
2.1 Why is This Important
2.2 We Are Under the New Testament
2.3 The Truthfulness and Value of the Old Testament
2.4 Importance Revisited

Myth 3: We Are Saved by Faith Only
3.1 Why is this Important?
3.2 Definitions
3.3 Why not Faith Only?
3.4 What the Bible Teaches About Faith Only
3.5 What it Means to be Saved by Faith
3.6 What Then Are We Saved By?
3.6.1 Entering into a Covenant Relationship with God
3.6.2 Keeping Ourselves Saved

Myth 4: Baptism is of Secondary Importance
4.1 Why all the Fuss? -- Definitions
4.2 What the Bible Says About Baptism
4.2.1 The Gospels
4.2.2 The Book of Acts
4.2.3 The Letters to the Churches
4.2.4 Other Baptisms Baptism of the Holy Spirit Baptism of Fire Baptism for the Dead The Baptism of John Other Mentions of Baptism
4.3 Common Objections Against Baptism
4.3.1 Salvation is Not by Works
4.3.2 The Thief on the Cross
4.3.3 Paul Not Sent to Baptize
4.3.4 Conversions Which Do Not Mention Baptism
4.3.5 If a Person Got Killed on the Way to Baptism ...
4.4 Is This Important?

Myth 5: Love is All You Need
5.1 Do We Love?
5.2 Love Defined
5.2.1 Greek Definitions
5.2.2 Biblical Definitions
5.3 Old Testament Love Extended
5.4 Making Love a Reality
5.5 Can We be Saved by Love Only?

Myth 6: The Rapture, The RAPTURE, THE RAPTURE!
6.1 A Most Popular Doctrine
6.2 A Proposed Scenario
6.3 Scriptural View of Judgment
6.3.1 The Gospels
6.3.2 The Book of Acts
6.3.3 The Letters to the Churches
6.3.4 The Book of Revelation
6.3.5 A Review of Our Scenario
6.4 More on the Chaining of Satan
6.5 On the Kingdom
6.6 On the Rapture
6.7 Is This Important?

Myth 7: Original Sin
7.1 Definition of Terms
7.2 Original Sinlessness
7.3 When we Fall
7.4 Misapplied Scriptures
7.5 Consequences of Original Sin Doctrine

Chapter 8: Where Does this Leave Us?
8.1 So What?
8.2 The Alternatives
8.2.1 Redirection and Evolution
8.2.2 Restoration
8.3 The Nature of Local Churches
8.4 Reversing the Trend
8.5 Some Concluding Thoughts