Christian Bible Studies by Charles Burke

First Century Christianity For The Twenty First Century.

About the Author
Bible Outlines
 Our Glorious Life
Our Spiritual Life
Our Divine Personage
Our Divine Powers
Our Divine Nature
Our Divine Attributes
 The Church
The Great Apostasy
God And Christ
The Family Of God
The Father & The Son
 Departing The Faith
The Judgment Scene
The Fullness Of God
The Fullness Of Christ 
The Throne of God
Contending For the Faith
Our Eternal Life
Our Heavenly Home
Our Abundant Life
Our Immortality of Life
The Kingdom of God
The Temple of God
 The Inspired Word
A Christian
The Reality of Death
Our Resurrection
A Negative Attitude
A Positive Attitude
 Our Divinity
Our Completeness
Our Metamorphosis
Our Riches
Our Adoption
Our Kingship
 Our Priesthood
Our Sonship
Our Reconciliation
Our Transformation
Our Armour
Our Liberty
Our Cleansing
Our Warfare
Our Spiritual Race
Our Crown
Our Calling
The Divine Truth
 God's Providence
Our Choice 
Our Purity 
Our Gratitude
Our Conscience
Our Assurance
 Our Divine Faith
Our Contentment
Our Afflictions
Our Comfort
Our Sanctification
Our Hope
 Being Fearless
Our Peace
Our Honor
Our Guidance
Our Determination
Our Enlightment
Our Blessings
Our Victory
Our Inheritance

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I am available for a lectureship or a gospel meeting concerning the Divine Blessings of our own immortality of life because this knowledge is vital in helping us to understand the greatness of our own immortality of life.