A Brief Study of David
Introduction: A Man after Godís own heart Ė Acts 13:22

Youngest son of Jesse Ė I Samuel 16:10-13 great-grandson of Ruth Ruth 4:17

His life is recorded in I Samuel 16 Ė I Kings Chapter 2 and also much in Psalms and I Chronicles chapters 11-29

      I.   David a Shepherd boy
I Samuel 16:11, the Lord was with him I Samuel 16:18, and David saved the sheep from the Lionís I Samuel 17:34-37

Much Like Christ Ė John 10:1-18

      II.   David VS. Goliath
Goliath Challenges Israel Ė I Samuel 17:4-11. David hears the challenge and wants to accept I Samuel 17:15-26
Davidís elder brother is angered by Davidís actions I Samuel 17:28 (Seems as though when a Christian wants to step up and fight for the faith Jude 3, someone always tries to belittle and delay that action). Saul allows David to go I Samuel 17:38-40. David fights Goliath I Samuel 17:41-52
      III.   Saulís Hero to Saulís enemy
I Samuel 18:5 then changes I Samuel 18:8-9 and I Samuel 18:29 Ė Saul will chase David and not catch him
      IV.   David King of Judah and Israel
II Samuel 5:1-5 Christ is now the King reigning over all of Godís people (the Church) Acts 2:30 and Ephesians 5:23-25
      V.   Davidís sin(s)
II Samuel 11:1-5 / the cover up resulting in murder II Samuel 11:6-27. Numbering Israel II Samuel 24 Why was this a sin? I Chronicles 21:1
      VI.   Davidís Punishment(s)
II Samuel 12:15-23 Ė the child dies. Plagues II Samuel 24 
      VII.   Davidís Repentance(s)
II Samuel 12:13-14 for adultery and murder. II Samuel 24:17 and 25 for bringing numbering Israel
      VIII.   Davidís Faith in Salvation
II Samuel 22:1-3;36;47;51
      IX.   Davidís Death
I Kings 2:10-12 Conclusion: Ecclesiastes 12:7-13

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