Studies in II Thessalonians (Chapter 3)
The Church of the Thessalonians will be encouraged to stay in the word. They are going to be commanded to practice Church Discipline. 
I.   The Word of God May Have free course II Thessalonians 3:1

If we remember the word was hindered in the establishment of this congregation Acts 17:1-10

Satan does not want the word preached Matthew 13:3-23

II.   The Text II Thessalonians Chapter 3

(Verses 1-5) – All men have not faith v.2 Faith Comes through word Romans 10:14-17. The word is truth 

II Corinthians 6:7, Ephesians 1:13, and Colossians 1:5.

Few find the straight and narrow Luke 13:23-28.

The Lord keeps his word v.3 Titus 1:2 and II Peter 3:9.

V.5 Patiently wait for Christ to come 

(Verses 6-15) – Withdraw from the disorderly, note him, have no company with him, and keep loving him as a brother!

Withdrawing fellowship is a must and here is how and why Matthew 18:15-19, Romans 16:17-18, and I Timothy 6:1-5.

III.   The Grace of Our Lord verses 16-18
They are instructed in verses 16-18 to be of peace and to know that Christ is with them. That his grace is with them.

There are concepts of Grace only salvation. There are concepts that Grace will overcome and sin will be forgiven even if not repented of. You can fall from Grace Galatians 5:4. You will be saved by Grace (unmerited favor) Acts 15:11. Not by grace alone Romans 6:1-17 and Titus 2:11 (if grace alone saved then why are the majority heading to hell Matthew 7:13-14).

The Church of Thessalonica has been told about Christian Living, about the Second Coming of Christ, they have been exhorted, and edified, they have been told to practice Church Discipline, and they have been pray for and about. Let’s learn from the words that were written to them, as they are the words of the Living God (II Timothy 3:16-17).

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