We Are All Servants
Introduction: In the Church today it seems that a lot of men and women want to be "in charge". They want to be the authority. What they fail to realize is that Christ has all authority Matthew 28:18 and that we must seek to do all things by that authority Colossians 3:17.
I.   What is a servant?
Servant- A person in subjection

Servant of Christ - A God pleasing not men pleasing person Galatians 1:10

II.   How should a servant follow?
A Centurion had authority in which he said do and they did, Christ replied "I have not found so great a faith"

Matthew 8:5-10

The servant is not above his master Matthew 10:24

Even the greatest among us should be proud to serve Matthew 20:26-28

Matthew 24:45-51 The servant must be faithful and true

Ephesians 6:6 Doing the will of God from the Heart

III.   How is a servant rewarded?
Matthew 25:14-30 According to his work!

I Corinthians 3:8 According to his labor

II Timothy 4:14 According to our works

Conclusion: As the Apostles were proud to serve we to must be proud to be servants of Christ!

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