(Brian Yeager)

Have you ever waken up in the middle of the night after having a very deep sleep and being startled wondered where you were? I have had that feeling before, but not only when I have awoke from a deep sleep. I had that feeling several times in my life during sermons, classes, and invitations. I have sat in my seat grinding my mind trying to answer this great question. The question that is posed during each invitation in the services offered 3 times per week. I have let myself be in that situation. I then would come to my full senses and realize where I was. Then I would see before myself the end without knowledge of where I was going. Is that a scary thought for you? It was scary for me.

I then began to reflect some scriptures in my mind. For instance (John 5:39). This passage told me to search the scriptures. I know that is where the answers are. My faith was not full, but I knew that I would be judged for that, and that in it self was terrifying. I must now find the answer to my question. Then the passage (II Corinthians 7:10) would embark upon me and the question was posed from that verse, has sorrow worked my repentance. Must I repent? What would I repent of, a lack of faith? I believe I just do not believe all of what I should. Or do I? Where am I?

I am in Satanís hands is now my thought. He has tempted me to forget my Lord. I must now study to justify my faith, to have faith. (II Timothy 2:15) tells me to study to be approved unto God, and not to be ashamed. I must study the word. I am although lost and where do I begin? In the beginning (Genesis 1:1). God created the Heavens and the Earth. I then begin to think what great power God has. My fear begins again to show. I stumble upon another startling verse (Matthew 7:21-23). I think am I going to be one that the Lord says depart I never knew you. I have worked hard for the Lord. My only problem is that I cannot tell why I have. I am simply lost.

That is it, I am lost. Whenever I have been lost in life I simply find where I made the wrong turn and get back on the road. Where have I shifted in direction? Could it be that I have neglected the services of God. I know (Hebrews 10:25) tells me I cannot forsake the assembly. I have only missed now and then. Iíve been there most of the time. Well, except for last week, and the couple of weeks before then. Could God be upset for that? I guess since the scriptures say not to forsake the assembly, which means simply that I must be there, he would be upset with that. I do have great attendance at work and I hate work. I wonder what that tells God? You know I was also thinking about (Hebrews 10:22) which tells me to have a true heart. I guess that todayís sermon made me think. I really know I have not been the Christian I should have been. What do I do now? I have found the road? I know where I got on the wrong exit? Do I just turn back and forget it? Or should I pray to God? Well the scriptures tell me that I should repent or I would perish (Luke 13:3). I believe that I will be safe and say a few prayers praying that my sins be forgiven. I am glad that God is a forgiving God (I John 1:9).

Have you ever been in this mind set? Have you ever wondered and had to awake to the fact that you were lost? That is good if you have. That shows an honest heart. There are those who never do awake and they continue to go further down the wrong path. This story I am sure tells parts of all of your lives as we think of times that we have been without the presence of God. That is a scary thought. I hope that this article is one that causes thought and provokes action for those who are lost. Let you path be the path that leads unto righteousness (Matthew 7:13-14).

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